Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Housing Alternatives

I am working on my goal to post at all my blogs and Patreon tiers more... I'm trying for once a month right now, and working towards once a week in the future.  It's a long process for just me.  

This is a long-time-coming post.  :-)

I have been exploring some trailer options this week.  Someone doing small construction has passed the house where I live with a strange trailer I have never seen before.  They had a small digger on it with lots of other space, but all I saw was a TINY HOUSE PLATFORM.  :-)  

I shared that find with someone recently, and then decided to try to find out how much they cost.  What a big goal!  I assumed it would be easy to find!  So far, no success.

I did find other trailers that seem kind of useful for bigger tiny houses.  :-)  I have them in a file.  Maybe I will try to share one or more here before I go.  I found them in a search, so I have no idea if they are protected by anything like a copyright.  I am not promoting a sale, so I hope that will be OK.  If something comes up, they will disappear.  Sorry.

I hope I do find it one of these days.

My goal for my posting efforts is to collect ideas for each of the topic blogs I have for myself and WT.  (And my Patreon page.)  This is a new effort -- this week, I think.  I tend to think about things a long time before I make a commitment to do them... so I have been heading in this direction for awhile.

Now I have some pages I created to help me.  Things are moving along.

I am sharing this because I want you to know I am starting to collect web addresses, YouTube links, photos, and other housing-related items to share here.

Here are two of the photos I saved... I thought this was an interesting design for tiny living... the platform over the cab seemed like a loft space.  I don't remember how long they are, but I do recall seeing "4 cars" as the amount of vehicle these can carry.

Before I go, here's another photo I wanted to keep as a reference.  I think this is the one that most resembled the trailer I saw go down my street.

It isn't anything like it, but it is long and flat and kind of low to the ground... which were the qualities I noticed in the one I want to find again.

This all came about because I shared that I wanted to make my tiny house on one of the large truck beds.  That was long ago.  Now I want "small on a foundation" if I ever get the opportunity to make my dream home.  :-)

These are more heavy-duty trailers for the foundation of a tiny house.  This means you can do more with them and they will still be road-worthy.  I think it almost makes them like an RV.  Maybe.

I hope to share more housing ideas I have in the future.

Until next time,
In Christ,
Deborah Martin
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