Friday, April 30, 2021

SHELTER :: When I have some money to spend...

 I have been waiting for GOD to open the money doors for so long, I have been scrambling to get other people to start / do the things I would have done with funds.  It's a daily source of questioning to GOD... why? when? who? how?     I can't make my products sell, or even afford the internet and computers... so the burden is on faith in GOD and trying to understand why He doesn't do what I know is good to do.

The summertime is the optimum time to build / create housing options for the next winter cycle.  I have suggested to local (liberal) activists that NOW is the time to invest the bond money for shelter needs.  I think a great option is to find land as close to transit as possible that is big enough to build a KOA-style housing option.  I reminded these people that KOA's often have a small store, can provide shelter options for tents and cars (and RVs), include toilets, showers, space for personal gardens, cooking options, and more.  A place for homeless people can also include other options they need... a shared community kitchen and meeting place, a food cart for those who want to learn how to sell food, food processing equipment to use (dehydrators, canning equipment, smokers, etc.), shared internet, TV, phone tower, etc.

The ideas I have would belong to the State... and become small income sources for them in the future.  Better than paying out subsidies to other developers.  PLUS, every budget cycle the government can invest in a new shelter option... increasing their homeless services and income options.

I really don't know WHY GOD hasn't provided the money for me to do these things, and more... but we know that GOD doesn't tell us His reasons and there are always others involved in the ongoing process of change.  

If you have a connection with your government leaders... tell them NOW is the time to build a shelter option for NEXT winter!

If you have the money, or know someone who does, TELL THEM to invest in a lifetime opportunity to help the homeless, poor, and struggling.

I was going to make a list of things I would do, but this is the one that needs to get done NOW.   :-)   I'm learning more about publishing Kindle / paperback books at Amazon right now, finding ways it will actually be doable for me in my situation, so I might just put my list of things into a small book for everyone to buy and help me raise all the money I need for my projects.  :-)

Or, you can donate to me at ::

If you are more interested in donating to WORKING  TOGETHER, you can do that here ::

It's a never-ending quest, spiritually attacked, seemingly desperate, but I hope that one day GOD will finally provide what is needed for all of us to survive as long as possible.

No one can stop prophecy from coming true.

We can only prepare for it.

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